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Training courses are available by experienced instructor in the current and previous versions of:

Training is provided on the customer's site to give the shortest time to productive use of what has been learned. It is felt that training given in a familiar environment on familiar equipment removes one of the impediments to learning on the part of the trainee. From the instructor's viewpoint it enables them to appreciate the environment the trainee will work in and perhaps see opportunities for use of less obvious features of the software.

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Custom Built Solutions

Packages provide the majority of computer users with what they need for day-to-day data processing but packages do not provide a solution for everybody. If you have a unique requirement we can provide the solution.

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Hardware Selection

We do not sell hardware but will recommend what we believe to be the most cost effective configuration available at the time of purchase or will evaluate competitive tenders obtained by the customer.

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Installation Supervision

We will manage the installation of both hardware recommended by us and hardware chosen by the customer.

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Software Development

For small scale simple requirements Microsoft Access is used and for larger more complex systems, InterSystems Caché, the first post-relational database.

Between the team, we have design and development experience of:

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System Support

After implementation we will continue to provide support for our own products and will provide support for other companies' products too, provided they fit our skills profile.

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Web Site development

We can provide:

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