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This purpose of this site is to convey information about the services available through Adjutant. The style used for this site has been chosen primarily for the clarity of message it conveys. Secondary considerations were to minimise the delay when viewing as well as producing the intended layout for the widest range of browsers.


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External (CSS1) style sheets have been used to allow flexibility and efficiency of design, network cache-ing and media specific presentation. (For example: try printing this page and compare to the screen version.) External style sheets also minimise the number of formatting markup tags in the document body.
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Older browsers might not correctly resolve style information, in particular alternate stylesheets. Very old agents will just ignore HTML4 style information, which is fine. Some browsers will process some style information, but are somewhat buggy in how they interpret the data and this can often be worse than if they ignored it altogether.
Even the most recent browsers have unaccountable shortcomings in their implementation. Opera, MSIE 4 or later and Netscape Navigator 4.5 or later should give few problems.

Alternative pages have also been prepared which are slightly more friendly to the more venerable browsers out there, and are strongly reccommended if you are using a pre-1998 browser, on aesthetic grounds.


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